Sip on Ancient Tea and Dance Around a Bonfire: Get a Taste of Local Life in Yunnan’s Minority Villages

No other place in China gets as diverse as Yunnan, both in its splendid palette of landscapes and its exceptional mix of minority communities. Here, 25 of China’s 55 minority groups find sanctuary, their traditions shielded from the world by the towering Himalayas. Discover them yourself with these unforgettable experiences that offer a window into the daily lives of China’s colorful South-West.



Legends of Hangzhou’s West Lake

Along the banks of Hangzhou’s UNESCO world heritage site, the West Lake, are real-life landmarks from ancient stories and legends: a heavenly phoenix’s mountain sits on the lake’s southern edge, overlooking a towering pagoda of a once powerful monk and imprisoned beauty. Judge for yourself if these long-told stories are simply fairytales:

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The China Hiking Havens Few Outsiders Know About

In the western regions of China, unbeknownst to most travellers, are some of the world’s most spectacular places for hiking and exploration. Many of these areas are so awe-inspiring that they hold a special religious significance among local people. You’ll come across sacred mountains that pierce the heavens and find Buddhist monasteries and even Catholic chapels lying hidden in these alpine pastures.

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These Industry Experts Have Planned Your Next Adventure

What’s the next big thing in Asia adventure travel? At the PATA Adventure Travel and Responsible Tourism Conference, WildChina CEO, Mei Zhang joined fellow industry leaders on the podcast, TalkTravelAsia to discuss changes in Asia travel and what their picks are for the best multi-destination Asia adventure.



A Walking Holiday Along China’s Most-Beloved Trails

It’s time to slow down and experience China’s natural wonders on foot. An active walking holiday through fog-shrouded mountains or bamboo-forested karst terrain will reveal the natural settings of one of the world’s most ancient cultures. Here are some of China’s most celebrated destinations for walking and exploring.



How to Get a Kick out of Your Family China Adventure

Experiencing China’s history and culture as a family doesn’t have to be a chore. Instead, set out on a family adventure that will enrich your kids’ understanding of the world and leave them saying “Whoa! That was so cool!” Leave the chores at home and add these family-friendly China activities to your trip: