Gregory Mountain Products Push the Boundaries of Backpack Design

There is just 1 week to go to get your application in for the WildChina Explorer Grant 2016. Don’t miss out on the chance to win $5000 to help you make an impact through travel. Click here and download the application pack today!

This year, Gregory Mountain Products have come on board to offer some trek-tastic prizes for our People’s Choice Winners. Here’s why we think they are ace:


New Chengdu Hotels to Look Forward to in 2016

Chengdu is well known as the big city that’s always kept its small town feel. You might know it as the best place to see China’s pandas. Each year, more hotels are opening in this popular destination. Here are some we’re looking forward to seeing in 2016.

Waldorf-Astoria-Chengdu (more…)

WildChina Staff Brings in the New Year with a Citywide Scavenger Hunt

This year, WildChina’s annual Chinese New Year dinner was booked at a charming little restaurant called, Dali Village – but none of the WildChina staff was told this. Instead we were split into teams and given clues to hunt down the restaurant as well as a list of challenges to accomplish along the way. For your amusement, here are some photos of the flurry that ensued…

dinnerA beautifully set table sat empty for hours as WildChina staff teams scattered throughout the city working out the clues that would lead them finally to dinner. (more…)

Chinese New Year 2016 – Release Your Inner Monkey

Happy Chinese New Year, year of the Monkey! For our monkey friends, or for all those with a bit of an inner monkey in them – here’s your personality portrait and some tips for how to tap into your inner monkey as you take on the new year!

(Wondering if you’re a Monkey? If you were born in one of these years: 2016, 2004, 1992, 1980, 1968, 1956, 1944, 1932, 1920, you are! But we’ve all got a bit of monkey in us, so read on!)



How to Add a Spoonful of Sugar to Your Shanghai Disney Vacation

The big announcement has finally come: Disney’s Shanghai Park will be opening on June 16, 2016. That means a long weekend in Shanghai with the whole family is definitely in order. Here are some of our very favorite Shanghai activities that will bring a little Disney magic into your whole tour of the city.

1. Learn how to fend off all the palace guards with a Broadsword Wushu class on the Bund wushu-on-the-bund-shanghai


The Songtsam Lodges – Retreat into Fabled Shangri-la Valleys

Founded by award-winning director Baima Duoji, the Songtsam lodges form the only collection of Luxury, Tibetan-style retreats in the fabled Shangri-La region. Each hotel showcases the scenery, culture and spirituality of its location, presenting a rounded picture of this renowned region with each lodge spinning its own unique thread.

Here is what makes each Songtsam lodge such a treasure:

Songtsam Meili

Meili-songstamOur favorite feature: A rooftop terrace where you can practice yoga with an unparalleled mountain panorama (more…)