Traditional Chinese Medicine for a winter cold

With winter winds blowing through northern China, cold season has sadly set in.

Heaven Lake, Xinjiang

While WildChina’s international staff is beefing up on their Vitamin C and working to get a good night’s sleep,  we wanted to share how WildChina’s expert local guides ward off the dreaded sniffles and sore throat. Their responses– some expected and others quite different– are a wonderful insight into Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Do let us know if you try any out on your own!

1) Hot foot bath: Every night draw hot water in a tub and add in a table spoon of vinegar (very imporant). This is an effective method when you are beginning to have early symptoms of a cold as it can ward off a more serious illness.

2) Firmly (don’t hold back!) rub a hot towel behind the ears: Every night before bed (very important to be done on a regular basis), grate a hot towel from the top to the bottom of your ear, causing friction + slight pain.  Good preventative measure.

3) Eat onion ginger porridge:  Place 250 grams of washed rice into a pot of boiling water. Add 100 g of finely minced ginger and 100 g of minced onion. Boil for nine minutes and add a dash of brown sugar. Apparently more effective than than any medication and the hot porridge will begin to make you “sweat out you illness.”

4) And last but not least…Back Scrapping: Dip a coin in white wine and begin scuffing the chest, back and spine on both sides, to create redness + sores on the skin.  This, apparently, eliminates fever and body sweating.


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