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August 15,2014

Yunnan’s Ancient Tea&Horse Caravan Road

Where in China can you experience a mix of history, culture, and nature?       You can explore some of China’s most diverse cultures, ecology, and landscapes in Yunnan Pro...

August 04,2014

An Update on the Yunnan Earthquake and Our Future Trips

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="464"] BBC News Provided the Epicenter Map away from Tourists Area[/caption] Ludian, a remote county in Northeast Yunnan, experienced a 6.1-magnitude earthq...

November 08,2013

Interview: Bill Bleisch, 2012 WildChina Explorer

 Bill Bleisch has been involved in environmental efforts in China and its neighboring countries for nearly two decades. One perennial focus of his work has been the way in which habitat loss stemming...

September 25,2013

Tour Erhai Lake by Bicycle

A WildChina employee takes off on an impromptu bike ride... Escaping Dali After exploring the bustling streets of Dalizhen in Yunnan Province, we needed an escape to mother nature. With the towering...

July 24,2012

Salvador's Coffee House in Kunming

Starting your own business can be tricky. Starting your own business in a foreign country? Now that is a real challenge. However, in 2003, that is exactly what Colin Flahive and Kris Ariel set out to ...